NFPA Journal launches new podcast service

Are you a podcast addict? Find yourself listening in the car, while cooking dinner, brushing your teeth, doing chores?  You’ve probably got my ear buds in now.

Podcasts are a great way to be engaged and learning while taking care of some of life’s more mundane and mindless tasks.

NFPA podcasts will explore in greater depth some of the issues and topics covered in the NFPA Journal and bring them to you in audio form. Each month, they will pick an interesting article, column, or idea from Journal, and talk to the author or an expert, and dive deep into what the issues are, and what you should know— all in 20 minutes or less.

The first edition of NFPA Journal Podcast (released April 14) covers the concept of resiliency—which in recent years has become a huge buzzword in the emergency planning, security and business worlds.

NZFS personnel can read issues of NFPA Journal online via NZFS Library webpage on Firenet.