Top information sources

Top tips from course participants

In rough order of popularity.  [Back to Command Course Links]

NZFS information

Peers  – Pick up the phone
Colleagues – talk to specific people e.g. NHQ advisors, or ICTS
Firenet apps

Smart suite

P/ N / O drives
Firenet search
NZFS online learning site (NZFS only)
Manuals  (hard copy)

Wider than NZFS


Earth  (plug in or download)

Social media

LinkedIn seemed to be most used.  Be sure to join the right groups – eg IFE group
Tip – see our Guide to social media for work (link back to Firenet)

Overseas brigades – personal contacts.  Or through the  AFAC website – members of emergency service partners apply for a free account, and full access

Tip – find a list of brigades and other agencies from the NSW Rural Fire library

NZFS library (on Firenet)

Codes and standards (Firenet)
Firelibrary  (blog)

For those studying – University libraries offer a wealth of resources

Otago University Library
Charles Sturt  University Library
Massey University

Email alerts, e.g.

AIPM blog – Know it now
Determinations (from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment)    Sign up here

Ted talks  – spreading ideas with powerful, short talks
Service Providers – talk to the folk who make your gear or provide the service
Associations and memberships – eg FPA  (Fire Protection Association)

Tip – have you tried Bing?

Wikipedia – a great starting place to get a handle on a topic

Westlaw – on the NZFS  network only

NZ legislation  – Parliamentary Counsel Office – online for all

Newspapers – hard copy or online


NZ herald

Overseas publications – eg Fire engineering journal, or Firehouse  – both those links work on the NZFS network
Books – buy own, especially via Amazon
DIA website – Fire Policy,  Fire Service Review
Leadership, ethics and command central – from the US AIR University (Air Force)

Specific websites – eg Tyre storage website for a local issue


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