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Press release from IAFSS  (30 April).


Quebec tragedy inquest

Volunteer training and fire safety provisions are in focus in Canada, in the aftermath of a January fire in a seniors’ residence which left 32 people dead.

A coronial inquiry to the fire in L’Isle-Verte, Quebec, began in November. It has been extended.  It has generated some media.

 Quebec government boosts funding for volunteer firefighters CBC news, Montreal 12 Dec

  • Quebec Public Safety Minister Lise Thériault says program will cost $19.5M over five years
  • Witnesses who testified at an ongoing coroner’s inquest into the incident have described firefighters arriving ill-prepared for the scale of the blaze


L’Isle-Verte residence met all government norms, inquest told Montreal Gazette, 17 Nov

“Because it was built in 1997, the wing of the Résidence du Havre that burned was not required to have sprinklers and smoke detectors in residents’ rooms were not connected to a central alarm system, the inquiry heard.

An adjoining wing of the residence, built in 2003, was equipped with sprinklers and was separated by a firewall. It did not burn and its residents escaped the fire.”


L’Isle-Verte rescue effort was ‘free for all,’ witness says
CBC news, Montreal 27 Nov
“Good Samaritan Pascal Paquin traumatized by what he witnessed during rescue effort.”


Fire Safety Assessment Report for Licensed Residential Care Facilities and Registered Assisted Living Residences  (pdf)
November 17, 2014
“Following a tragic fire at a seniors` residence in Quebec….. British Columbia (BC)is reviewing the fire safety provisions in residential care facilities and registered assisted living residences.”

Essential skills for managing people

Kevin Vincent looks at the benefits of what he calls the “soft skills” of management, which include communication, negotiation skills and team working.

Hard Facts Of Soft Skills Management
Source: New Zealand Management; 01/12/2009, Vol. 56 Issue 11, p30-31, 2p

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Reflections on fire service leadership (US)

Captain’s Corner: Three Questions – A Captain reflects on leadership in the fire service.

From the Fire Engineering training website.