Fiskville recommendations

The latest report on the Fiskville training centre from the Victorian parliamentary inquiry was released on 24 June. The inquiry was set up to examine pollution and contamination activities at CFA Training College between 1970 and 1990.

“The interim report from the Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee recommended that the Victorian Government:

  • Oversee thorough testing of soil and water, including tank water, on adjoining or relevant properties to the CFA training college at Fiskville to determine any immediate risks, and consider what needs to be done if affected people cannot sell their livestock or produce
  • Assess the feasibility of providing voluntary testing for PFOS free of charge to firefighters – career and volunteer – current and former staff at Fiskville, other trainees, and people who live or have lived on neighbouring properties
  • Ensures that any person who seeks records and documents relating to their involvement with Fiskville is able to do so from government agencies and departments without hindrance.”

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Interim report on Australia’s toxic fire training college (29 June)

Fiskville report: Dangerous toxins testing required around CFA training base, 24 June
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Fiskville boss ignored the risks, got promoted, says fire fighter, 15 June
Melbourne Age


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